Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Little Update

I have had a busy week, and next week is going to be even busier, as I’m leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. I will return to the blogging world at the end of next week. In the mean time, here is a little update on what has been going on with me.

I tried my first yoga class on Monday. I have done yoga videos at home, but I have never gone to a class before. I really liked it. The yoga studio and the teacher were both wonderful. She talked a lot about being present and coming back to the breath. I’m definitely going to make yoga classes a regular thing.

I have also decided to start therapy. I have thought about it off and on since I started conscious eating almost a year ago. Conscious eating has been going smoothly for me for the last few months, but I feel like I need to do more to address the issues that led me to eat for emotional reasons. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my insurance covers therapy. My first appointment is a week from Saturday. I’m really excited about the therapist I found. When I told her that I follow intuitive eating, she said that was wonderful and that she likes intuitive eating because it is about mindfulness. How lucky am I to have found a therapist that embraces intuitive eating AND mindfulness?


LMM said...

I have just started the IE approach and I have to say I missed reading your blogs. Glad to see you back, even if only for a short time.
I hope therapy goes well for you. I went to grief therapy for a while and have considered it for my issues surrounding food - found some were connected to grief - but have not yet taken the step. Congratulations on your courage.

Rodrigo said...

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Andrea K said...

Good for you on both fronts. I've been doing the therapy thing and it's wonderful if you find a person you can really connect with. It's helped me so much with problem solving and just having a private, objective place to vent.

I also used to do yoga, and I really, really, want to get back to it. I'm really convinced that kind of meditative/in the moment work is essential in this intuitive/conscious eating method.

I'll be out of town next week, too, so we'll have to catch up when we return to blogland!

~C~ said...

I am headed out of town next week too, I have a conference for work that last five days. So we can all catch up then!

As far as the therapy is concerned, I am glad you have decided to jump in too. I am still trying to find a therapist that is covered by my insurance AND is at least familiar with IE.

Oh yeah, and I would love to take a yoga class.

Jen said...

Sounds wonderful on all fronts! Congrats on taking the step to therapy, as well as the yoga class. I'll anxiously be awaiting an update to your blog when you return. In the meantime, travel safely and be well.

Gemma said...

Good for you for getting out there and doing things for yourself - hope your trip goes well!

Lily T said...

Yoga and therapy are so awesome! It's so wonderful that your insurance covers it.

Bliss Chick said...

Good luck with therapy!

Anonymous said...

I am envious of you! And I know I can make such an important step for myself when I am ready as you are now. Hope you come back from LV with jangling pockets and a big smile from having a marvelous time too. Good for you taking care of and loving yourself :) :)

Tree Lover said...

lmm – I’m glad to hear that you like my blog. Now that I’m going to be home for a while, I hope to be posting more regularly.

Rodrigo – Normally I would delete a spam post, but there is something really endearing about a spam post in Portuguese.

Andrea – I believe that practices like yoga are essential for intuitive eating, too. It’s all about learning to be conscious in all the moments of our lives.

Christie – I’m looking forward to hearing how therapy goes for you, since we are embarking on this therapy journey at the same time.

Lily – I am so excited that my insurance covers therapy. I just assumed that it wouldn’t since I don’t have a mental health diagnosis.

Jain – It’s always a good time to take positive steps for yourself.